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The VSL Cyber Security Assessment and VSL Platinum Cyber Security Assessment are the first steps in protecting your business. Cyber Security can seem like a complicated topic to understand, we believe advice should be straightforward and delivered without drama.

Our reports are written in plain English and explain the business impact of the checks and tests we undertake.

We provide simple solutions to problems and don’t confuse you with technicalities.

What is the VSL Cyber Security Assessment?

For SMEs business owners, the VSL Cyber Security Assessment provides you with a simple-to-understand report that analyses the hacker or potential attacker view of your online presence.

Why is this important for my business?

All businesses, SMEs included, should understand how their online presence is vulnerable to cyber-attack and take the appropriate on-going measures to secure these valuable business assets.

If an online cyber-attack occurs, the result can be significant for an SME including reputational damage, potential fines for data loss in any form (when GDPR is instigated from May 2018), blocked by search engines, interruption to the business, and the substantial time and cost to mitigate and remedy the attack.

What will I get?

An appointment with a VSL Cyber Security expert, with analysis of your business practices and network security, followed by a written report and best practices following the appointment.

What is the VSL Platinum Cyber Security Assessment?

VSL also offer a full network security package evaluation £500 + VAT. This may appeal to clients that understand they do not have security offering at the moment or are looking for tailor-made solutions.

Why undertake a Platinum Cyber Security Assessment?

You get fast insight into sensitive information and data exposed online that could be used as the first step to a cyber-security attack. The report is a complete overview of what we find, what the potential business impact is, and straightforward steps to fix anything uncovered.

What will I get?

A one on one appointment with a VSL Cyber Security expert at your premises. With a full analysis of your business practices and network security. Followed by a written report and best practices.

A VSL Cyber Security expert can provide heat maps of premises as well as a full security report and recommendations.

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