A memorable telephone number is integral to your brand success and there is a huge choice available. We help customers create a structured approach to procuring and managing telephone numbers, whether it’s local numbers, multiple offices or national lines with cost features.

telephone numbers for business

Buying Telephone Lines

Whether you need a catchy non-geographic telephone number, a national Freephone number or a local number (even if you are not based in that location) there is a huge choice.

Our team can locate, offer options and purchase the number on your behalf, giving you more flexibility than ever over your telephone number range.

Complete Number Control

Once you have the right telephone number, you may choose to put it on a networked platform that provides you with the control to intelligently route your number. For example, you may want to route your number to an external contact centre at the weekend or, maybe, on a busy-tone reroute to a secondary location.

Our telephone number management platform is easy to use and allows you to put back-up routing plans in place for disaster recovery.

What number should a customer dial, to guarantee they get hold of you? What device should you use to access your contacts and your voicemail? Our telephony solution makes communications easy – one telephone number, one mailbox, and one directory across all of your devices.

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