Our customers benefit from our customer service focus – big enough to be competitive, small enough to react, and personal enough to handle one-off special requests. And, long-standing relationships with suppliers including BT Wholesale, Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media Business and Vodafone allows us to offer market-leading products.

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Telephone Lines and Calls for Business

Let us quote for your lines and calls to see how much you can save by switching over to us. What have you got to lose?

Step 1: Send us a copy of your latest bill.

Step 2: An account manager will take the time to work through exactly what you are using, identifying any redundant lines or new business requirements.

Step 3: We pledge to come up with some epic call rates, work through the ISDN v’s SIP cost exercise to see if it makes sense for your business; and review your internet provision to see if we can we can find you a bit more bandwidth for your money.

Step 4: Sign up and one of our provisioning experts will manage your transfers, ports and upgrade efficiently, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Mobile Network for Business Telephone Calls

Ongoing, your account will be managed by its own account manager and you will gain access to our support desk, log any fault and keep you informed. Our billing platform will allow you to analyse your spend, download your bill and label lines, giving you the flexibility to manage your account the way you need to. Alternatively, we are quite happy to email or post you your bill.

Common Telephone Line and Number Questions

What is SIP?

‘Session Initiation Protocol’ is a communications protocol used to set up and clear down calls with one or more users over the internet. Commonly, it is used to initiate and terminate Voice over IP calls.

What is SIP trunking?

In simple terms, SIP trunking enables a PBX (Phone Exchange System) to send and receive calls via the internet and is able to control voice, video and messaging applications.

Essentially an internet phone line, each VoIP call requires one SIP trunk. A good quality broadband service can accommodate multiple SIP trunks. SIP trunks are much cheaper than traditional phone lines.

What is VoIP?

‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, a technology that allows users to make voice calls using the internet, either over a fixed or mobile connection.

What does voice and data combined mean?

Data can be downloaded (such as internet usage) and phone calls can be made at the same time – all you need is a microfilter or modern telephone faceplate and you can run both telephone and broadband connection simultaneously.

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