Why move from ISDN to SIP?

In 2015 BT issued a statement giving notice that they would cease taking any new orders for ISDN in 2020. The statement went further by confirming that there was a plan towards complete migration away from ISDN to SIP by 2025.

Telecoms planning within organisations has a 3-5 year lifecycle, so, with 2020 now upon us and 2025 not too far away we should now be making sure that our thoughts are firmly directed towards a SIP future.

So there is a very practical reason for moving to SIP, but what are the benefits?

  • SIP should save money. A SIP channel is a fraction of the cost of an equivalent ISDN.
  • Greater capacity. Nothing annoys your clients more than you not being available.
  • More flexibility. Telephone numbers on SIP are much more flexible – you can have more of them with fewer restrictions.
  • Resilience. SIP can be made much more fail-safe than ISDN.

At VSL, we can help you really benefit from the positive intentions for migrating to SIP, saving you money to boot.

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