Why Are Law Firms Choosing Cloud Phone Systems?

In the past few years we have seen a number of firms of Solicitors come to us looking for a flexible and future-proof telephone system. Ultimately the decision is simple, they all opt for a Hosted telephony solution, here are some of the main reasons why.


Cloud phone solutions offer companies of all industries total flexibility and control over where, when and how the user can utilise calling features. This means the telephone system can easily be deployed over multiple offices, on the road, and from home, at any time.

Multiple users can be added or removed whenever necessary, and all of this is controlled in an easy to use online portal. There is no limit on the number of users which can be added, so a hosted telephone system like VSL Hosted Complete, is truly scalable and will grow with the business.


It is no secret that the legal sector in particular, struggle with technology adoption. Generally speaking, this industry is among the last to take on new technologies, something which could improve their productivity and help them to earn more money!

We have found that training the company staff is crucial in giving legal sector employees the confidence and ability to adopt the new features available to them quickly, effectively and – most importantly – happily!

Our in-house training team create bespoke plans for businesses, based on the staff’s needs and availability. Whether that is videos which can be accessed at the employee’s convenience, or in-person training that ensures the whole team are ready to go together.


Many firms of Solicitors need to consider cost implications when making fundamental decisions like upgrading communication systems. That’s why many choose hosted telephony products like VSL Hosted Complete. With no upfront costs, you simply pay for what you need, as you go, making this option hugely cost-effective.

Also let’s not forget that Hosted Telephony solutions allow you to replace any existing ISDN lines you may have. These will become obsolete by 2025, when the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is switched off. Companies need to be prepared for this in advance to avoid any disruption. You can read more about this here.

Feature Rich

Cloud phone solutions have an unbelievable number of features, from your traditional Voicemail and Call Forwarding options, to Call Recording, Call Analytics and Auto-Attendant. The features businesses need can be utilised at the touch of a button. For Solicitors in particular, we know how it can be crucial to have Call Recording functionality with secure storage facilities. All of this and more, is an option when firms choose a hosted telephony solution.


For Law firms security is of the upmost importance. We know that your clients need the ability to request transcripts of conversations at any time, and their personal information needs to be held securely without the possibility of any data breaches. With our cloud phone solutions, the network is backed by a team of security experts, providing 24/7 year-round monitoring, with added Fraud Management systems in place.


The capabilities of a hosted phone system is not limited to basic call functionality. There are so many incredible integrations that allow your system to work in a way which encourages productivity, communication and collaboration, all from one place.

VSL Hosted Complete with Cisco Webex can be integrated with many leading CRM systems, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 (among other software). The programs and tools that Solicitors use on a daily basis have valuable integrations with the Cisco Webex app, allowing workflows to be reduced, saving time and money.

Hosted telephone systems are hugely popular, and undoubtedly the future of all telephony, but particularly so within the legal sector. The powerful security measures, endless features, bespoke training and incredible value for money, make VSL Hosted Complete with Cisco Webex the most powerful tool for Solicitors.

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