VSL Hosted Complete – Ease of Use

Our innovative new hosted telephony solution is many things, and being easy to set up and use is one of those. VSL Hosted Complete is all configured online through a portal, initially set up by us with all of your details, and then handed over to a chosen administrator for any future amendments.

When the system is set up, we configure each site and individual with the details that you provide us with, meaning that there is no need for an engineer visit unless you need a little extra help. We send out the pre-configured phones to site, all you need to do is plug in and you’re ready to go!

The portal that we hand over to you incorporates a dynamic interface that is user friendly and easy to navigate, you can make changes to companies, sites, groups and individual employees – amending features such as call forwarding and voice messaging.

You can switch on and off features for the whole site:


You can assign features to individual users:


Each user has a dashboard summarising their phone usage:


This dashboard also allows them to change common functions quickly:


VSL Hosted Complete is an all round cloud solution that provides excellent functionality in a simple way that just works how you want it to, with a few extras thrown in.

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