VSL DDos Attack Prevention FAQ

We are too small for anyone to attack us

In the UK, Small and Medium businesses are the number one target of DDoS attacks, with the number of DDoS attacks rising every year, it is now a case of when not if your business is impacted or targeted by one of these crippling attacks.

Who would want to DDoS attack us?

While cyber-criminals are the most likely to target you, it is now so easy to launch a DDoS attack, a disgruntled employee could pay for a DDoS attack on your business, with 24 hour long attacks costing as little as £40!

How would someone arrange a DDoS attack on us?

Cyber-criminals can launch an attack on your business with ease, they simply choose your business, sometimes at random, and then the attack commences. Some criminals sell the service to the public, so anybody could pay these criminals to target your business.

How much would a DDoS attack cost us?

DDoS attacks can have a huge impact on your business, taking all of your systems offline, preventing employees from access¬ing the Internet, VoIP phones and more, this will have a big financial impact on your business and even affect your customer relationships.

Do we need DDoS Attack Protection if we already have a firewall?

DDoS Attack Protection works in addition to your firewall. Whilst an advanced firewall may offer a small degree of DDoS protection, our solution stops the attacks before they even get to your network which means you won’t see a degradation in speed, and your firewall can continue working. The majority of DDoS attacks that occur today would overwhelm a firewall, allowing cyber thieves to bypass security and steal your important data or plant viruses in your network.

Do we need DDoS Attack Protection if we already have anti-virus?

Anti-virus simply does not provide DDoS protection.

We have a private network

Although a private network would prevent this, you will still need to protect your WAN links against other businesses being attacked by moving to our protected network.

We don’t host our website on-site

DDoS attacks don’t just target websites, you only need an Internet connection to be a target or even be affected by a DDoS attack, taking down your VoIP phones, emails, ordering systems and Internet.

We don’t advertise our IP addresses

There are multiple ways to attack your business, usually, targets are identified through scanners or databases that happen to include your IP address amongst many others.

We have diverse links so a DDoS attack can’t affect us

If you use the same IP address and use load balancing you would still be affected, DDoS attacks don’t just overwhelm your Internet link, they can overwhelm your router and/or firewall too, causing issues with load-balancing and diverse routing protocols.

What assurances can you provide?

VSL DDoS Attack Prevention significantly reduces your chances of an attack.

Developed in conjunction with global transit providers and offering attack ingestion capacity of over 4.5Tbps, VSL DDoS Attack Prevention is a premium DDos security service, that is a vital defence for all internet circuits undertaking business-critical activities.

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