Make Your Unified Communications Work Harder With Analytics

With more staff than ever working remotely, maintaining high standards of customer service is essential for organisations across all sectors. Plus, with members of your team potentially working across multiple sites, including home workers, ensuring that your internal communication remains strong is going to be a key factor for business efficiency.

VOIP systems and video conferencing software, especially when combined as a Unified Communications (UC) system, have enabled companies to become very agile, very quickly. But, how do you know that it’s working, and, more importantly, that your organisation is being as efficient as it can?

Mitel UC Analytics helps you monitor inbound and outbound calls on any device using Report, an intuitive application providing powerful dashboards, wallboards and detailed reporting.

Make Your Unified Communications Work Harder With Analytics

This detailed analysis enables you to maximise your staff, minimise your costs and resource productivity; as well as helping you avoid missed opportunities from dropped calls and delivering the highest levels of customer service.

  • Dashboards delivering up-to-date information in a graphical way using tiles, including a catalogue of predefined sections such as Grade of Service, Percentage Calls Answered (PCA), caller tolerance, hourly call distribution, and call activity by extension and DDI.
  • An Executive Summary to provide a high-level summary including observations and recommendations.
  • KPI-driven business productivity dashboards detail call and callback performance by user, DDI and department.
  • Wallboards visually display key call metrics on live tiles in a format suitable to share on a big screen or desktop.
  • Flexible and granular reporting allows you an overview, with the ability to drill down into department and user performance. These reports can be exported as PDF/CSV files and emailed to a schedule.
  • Unreturned Missed Calls allows you to see when either the caller has not called back and been answered successfully, or when a member of staff has not yet returned the call.
  • Compliance and Security Permissions can be restricted by role, with the option to allow specified users access only to their own analytics. Compliance managers can easily manage customer data and company policies.

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We can demonstrate real-world examples of how our customers have managed to understand and develop their communication strategy more effectively to unlock customer service and team communication improvements.

UC Analytics Data Sheet

mitel UC Analytics Data Sheet

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