Train Strikes, Extreme Weather, What Next?

Train strikes, severe heat and severe cold weather can affect us all. Train Strikes are stretching right across the UK and it’s causing chaos for millions of workers who rely on the trains every day. How can we keep our businesses operating in the most productive way possible during this time?

Just when life was beginning to feel slightly more normal, many of us are back to working from our spare rooms, dining room tables and children’s playrooms. While many companies were able to take on new technologies at the start of the pandemic to allow staff to work from home, technology has moved on since then. There are now new and innovative technologies which allow you and your staff to work smarter from home, improving productivity and efficiency simultaneously.

Teams Connect

Have you ever wondered how much time you would save if you didn’t have to switch from Microsoft Teams to another application to make a call? Teams Connect allows you to do just that, make calls to anyone from within the Microsoft Teams application! You can utilise this from any device and from any location, you can even use a headset if you prefer. It is a completely bespoke telephony solution built into the Microsoft Teams platform so that your business and colleagues can work more seamlessly than ever before.

You can find out more about this product here.

Hosted Complete

Hosted Complete is our most popular cloud-based telephony solution. Not only does it provide users with an unrivalled and future-proof phone system, but it also provides routes for colleague collaboration and all the advanced calling features you could wish for. Hosted Complete lets you work remotely while still having the flexibility to work as part of a wider team.

For businesses with employees who have different needs and requirements Hosted Complete can allow you to build a bespoke telephony package around the individuals who make up your team.

This really is the most advanced cloud phone system on the market and is competitively priced, if you need to make quick changes to the way your business operates because your staff can no longer get into the office, Hosted Complete could be your perfect solution. You can find out more about this product here.

Business Mobile Opportunities

We know how changes and disruptions like this can make every aspect of doing business that much more difficult. That’s why we have established our fantastic Business Mobile options which allow all your staff to select their own network. This means if one of your employee’s homes doesn’t get network coverage from Vodafone, they can choose EE as their provider, while others may want to choose O2. Tailoring a bespoke business mobile solution for all of your employees’ requirements will allow them to carry on with their day-to-day work without compromising on customer service. Moreover, you can also combine your business mobile service, with an internet connectivity or telephony subscription from VSL, into one monthly bill to allow for a more streamlined and easier to manage accountancy solution. We really can tailor everything to your business’s requirements.

Ensure Your Employees Are Happy Working from Home

 While home working has allowed many people to achieve a better work-life balance, for others it can be very isolating. There are some simple tips you can encourage your colleagues to take on board which can help them work more productively while ensuring their wellbeing is being taken care of also.

For example, setting boundaries around working times, when will you be working and when will you take breaks? Creating an environment that you feel happy working in, whether that is in your kitchen or in your own office room, create a space which is calming and comfortable so that you can get what you need to get done in the day. When you must work in a public space like the kitchen, make sure that you clear away your work stuff at the end of the day so that you can enjoy your home life away from looking at your work.

Finally, make sure that you keep in touch with your colleagues and ensure you support each other, we are fortunate to be able to have technologies around us that allow us to work remotely, but don’t let that stop you from being social and interacting with people, even if that is over the phone or on a video call.

We hope that the rail strikes and hot weather do not cause disruption again, but having technologies in place to ensure business continuity is more important than ever before.

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