Telephony and Internet Considerations When Moving Office

Moving office – like moving home – can be an incredibly stressful thing to manage. Not only must you ensure that all aspects of the move are covered, you need to keep a continuance of service for your customers at the same time. And, although business telephony and Internet connectivity are just two components of the move process, they are ones that need essential management to maintain a smooth transition for customers who will still want to contact you quickly and easily.

In over 25 years of business, we have helped hundreds of customers through the challenges that a move can bring and one thing stands out, and that’s that it creates the perfect opportunity to analyse and evolve the company’s telecoms and internet connection. Very often, businesses can take real advantage of the latest technology and current market pricing for new, dynamic solutions.

Although there is the essential process of ensuring minimal disruption through the move, you can end up with a much more efficient solution in your new premises. The key is not necessarily about the specific solutions themselves but understanding what they can offer to meet your actual business needs moving forward.

Cloud-based Or PBX Telephony

If your existing PBX system is becoming dated, it may be worth looking into a cloud-based telephony solution. A new solution will carry much less investment in terms of hardware, will be much more flexible in terms of implementation and change, and can very often offer much more in the way of features for your business communications.

If you are considering moving your existing PBX telephone system, there is also a cost analysis to be done in terms of transferring and cabling the necessary hardware into your new workspace.

We can help you work out the numbers, and our consultative approach means you’ll get an objective point of view as to whether you stick with a PBX telephone system on-site, or switch to a cloud-based telephony solution. Of course, if you already have a cloud-based system, the move becomes a lot easier as it’s just the connections that need re-routing.

Line Rental & Internet

One of the benefits of using a specialist independent telecoms company is that you get choice. Location and availability from the leading providers may drive the solution they can offer, compared to a company like VSL, which sees the whole market and can find a solution that suits your specific business needs.

You know that sufficient bandwidth, reliability and resilience are crucial for your business internet connectivity – and potentially your IP telephony – so it’s essential that the solution you choose is up to the job.

Number Portability

Telephone numbers are much more manageable and transferable now than ever before. Depending on the telephony solution you opt for you can keep your existing numbers.

If your business relies on receiving telephone calls, it’s one of the things you need to plan and manage, even if you are transitioning to new numbers.

We have vast experience helping companies manage their numbers and understand the asset value of a great telephone number. What’s more, being independent, we also understand the best way to port numbers so that you can keep consistency for customers during your move.


You don’t need us to tell you that planning is essential for your business move. The sooner you start investigating which telephony and internet solutions suit your new business premises, the better, and that relies on having a clear view of your specific business needs for the foreseeable future.

This knowledge will help drive the way you invest in your telephony and internet to ensure a resilient solution; one that not only transfers smoothly but also offers a business communication infrastructure that fits your business needs.

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