How does an out-dated phone system affect your business?

Your business telephone system maybe isn’t something that you think about very often. It all just works, you pick the phone up and call someone, you transfer a call, and maybe you program a key to a specific number. At the end of the month, a phone bill comes in and you just pay it. But many businesses do not fully consider the efficiencies that can be gained by embracing newer communications technology, not to mention the possibility of cost savings.

But that’s where VSL come to the rescue.

Replace ISDN with SIP

An upgrade to an IP based platform means you can say farewell to ISDN and hello to SIP. SIP trunks normally work out cheaper than ISDN as they often utilise spare bandwidth from your internet connection. Not only can you realise line rental savings but SIP calls can be cheaper too.

As ISDN is being gradually phased out, SIP trunks are the natural replacement.

Engaging your staff

As time moves on and your business changes, what once was a perfectly programmed telephone system is now out of date and generally unloved and underutilised. The software may be out of date, support contracts expensive and a lack of knowledge may mean there’s no one to take responsibility for administering it. 

Today communications platforms are intuitive, flexible and easy to programme. Design features such as colour screens, self-labelling buttons, Bluetooth handpieces and headsets mean users engage with their communications equipment more than ever before, ultimately improving performance and better quality engagement with customers and colleagues.


Mobility features on a phone system mean that staff can be reached by the same number wherever they are, mobiles can be twinned with their desk phone and they can log in to a handset wherever they choose to work.

Additions such as MiCollab can be downloaded on laptops, mobiles and tablets which allow users to access all of their contacts and choose the method of communication between customers and colleagues.

Missed Opportunity

Lastly, you’re going to want to have a phone system that can keep up with the ever-changing technologies in the telephony industry. Cloud telephony is where it’s at currently, with a huge range of features such as collaboration and call recording available as standard; it’s easier than ever to get exactly what you want for your business.

New features are being developed all the time and we want you to experience them, have a look at our business applications here or find out more about all of what we have talked about from your account manager.

So whether its hosted, on-premise or virtual communications, it’s all the same to us.  

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