Meru End of Life Notification

VSL have been providing Meru Network wireless solutions since 2007. At the time, Meru’s market-leading single cell architecture and affordable price point made it an industry leader and our preferred choice for Wi-Fi deployments, especially within the education sector. Following a product review, Meru announced that as from 1st April 2016, the Meru MC1500 Controller will go ‘End of Life’.

What’s affected?

All MC1500 platforms and related MC1500 promotional SKU’s, service contracts, associated licenses, and one, three and five year support SKU’s.

What are my options?

Fortunately, VSL foresaw some of the changes in the market place and in 2012, decided to partner with a new manufacturer called Ruckus, whilst still continuing to support existing customers who had Meru deployments.

VSL’s decision to partner with Ruckus was successful. Ruckus has grown significantly due to the success of their Smart Wi-Fi technology and commercial positioning. As pioneers in the wireless infrastructure market Ruckus has enabled organisations to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology continues to lead the industry in performance innovation.

As a Wi-Fi reseller VSL are proposing an upgrade programme to the Ruckus platform that we believe offers significant benefits over that of the MC1500.

Of course, you are under no obligation but we do recommend that you take some action as your support contract will expire.

Ruckus Education pricing- February 2016

Due to our large base of customers that will be affected by Meru’s End of Life notice regarding the MC1500 Controller, VSL has worked to gain special education pricing for the upgrade of existing Meru Wireless Networks, to higher performing Ruckus equipment.

Ruckus UK have designed a special upgrade program for our customers affected by these changes which will help to offset the price of replacing their existing Meru Networks.

This pricing will be valid for a three month period beginning 1st February 2016 until 1st May 2016 to allow us to reach all of our Meru customers in turn. We are able to honour the pricing on orders signed within this period, even if installation is delayed until later in the year.

Please contact your account manager for more information.

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