Launching VSL Mobile

We are proud to announce our business mobile with a difference. VSL Mobile includes several services and tariffs to suit a wide range of businesses. Our unique on-net tariffs are ideal for organisations looking to integrate mobile and fixed-line telephony.

We understand being contactable when you are mobile is key to doing business well.

So VSL has created a business-focused mobile network that means you avoid competing with consumers over voice and data traffic.


A mobile network solely dedicated to business traffic

Business-class quality of service

Make the most of your data pool. Chose a tariff that spreads data usage across all mobiles in the contract.

Combine bills for better data visibility

Usage alerts can help businesses monitor spend

Integrated fixed and mobile telecoms allow employees to be totally contactable, wherever they are.

Gives employees mobility without impacting productivity

Ensures consistent customer service delivery from any location

Choosing a provider that offers a business-first mobile solution will give you the momentum to become a winner.

So what are you waiting for? Become a mobile champion today. More information on VSL Mobile can be found here. 

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