Government Incentives To Help Make Businesses Greener

We have spoken previously about the exciting and innovative ways in which businesses can take green steps against climate change. The little things that we do can have a much larger impact on our environment.

To continue this, we have conducted a little research into some of the schemes and grants the government and local authorities are offering to SME’s, to help their businesses become greener.

Low Carbon Workspace Grants

A number of local authorities such as Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, are offering small companies up to £5,000 to make green changes to their businesses. For example, funding towards the introduction of LED lighting and controls, heat pumps and air conditioning, smart heating, double glazing and even investments in renewable energy technologies.

Green Business Programme

In Coventry and Warwickshire there is a grant which offers up to £50,000 to SME’s who want to adopt low carbon technologies within their business. The aim is to improve energy and resource efficiency, and to encourage business growth. Find out more about this here.

Similarly in Leicestershire, business can claim up to £7,000 to go towards the cost of installing low carbon and energy efficient measures for their business. Leicester aim to be a carbon-neutral and climate adapted city by 2030. From installing efficient machinery, to insulation and solar energy solutions; this scheme encourages small businesses to invest in their future, to help the city as a whole.

Workplace Charging Scheme

This scheme allows businesses to apply for funding towards the cost of the purchase and installation of Electric-Vehicle charging points. Companies can claim up to 75% off, on up to 40 sockets. In addition to this, the full purchase price will be deductible from annual profits, meaning the corporation tax bill will be reduced. You can read more about the workplace charging scheme here.

Capital Allowances

There are a number of energy and water efficient assets which business can purchase and can then be deducted from a companies profits before tax. These assets include some fully Electric Vehicles and some cars with low CO2 emissions, water saving equipment, such as efficient toilets and taps and energy saving equipment such as certain motors and energy efficient air conditioning systems. You can read more about environmental tax relief here.

There are so many opportunities out there this really is just the tip of the iceberg. As we become more and more aware of the steps we all can take, hopefully we can make our lives, our businesses and our planet a little bit greener every day.

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