Going Paperless

Several years ago, we introduced a new technology and process to the way we do business which allowed us to offer our customers a completely paperless billing option. Today, we are pleased that over 95% of our customers now utilise this option, and we are continuously promoting this technology in order to ultimately reach 100% of our customers in the very near future.

There are some incredible solutions out there, aimed at allowing businesses of all sizes to reduce their paper consumption considerably. Software like DocuSign – which allows users to create, send and amend contracts, forms and other formerly paper-based documents, to be generated electronically – is fundamental in our day-to-day business these days. Not only does it eliminate the need for bulky paper contracts, but it also completely removes the need for the paper document to be transported to our customers’ property, which will undoubtedly require the use of a vehicle. Our customers also prefer this option as it allows them time to look over and complete in their own time! Something which has become increasingly important to people who are enjoying the benefits of a better work-life balance.

Products for our customers

We strive to find, and offer our customers new and innovative technologies, that can help the businesses reduce their own paper waste. For example, the use of our Cisco Webex product, as part of our VSL Hosted Complete internet-based phone system, provides flexible and collaborative working solutions to businesses of all sizes. This means that colleagues can now collaborate on documents together, without the need to print, edit, scan and re-print documents, and all of this can also be done remotely! Again, eliminating the need for vehicles to be used to visit office spaces daily. Tools like this are becoming increasingly crucial to businesses, and through utilising this internet-based products, you know that you will be given updates when new tools and add-ons are released, keeping you at the forefront of productivity and future-proofing your business.

Many companies have had to make massive adjustments to the way they operate in recent years, forcing us all to incorporate new and innovative technology into our day to day lives. Only now are businesses realising that these technologies have also improved many aspects of their business, including the amount of waste they generate.

We will always continue to look for ways we can help our customers to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their own paper waste. Meanwhile, internally we hope to become a 100% paper-free business in the very near future! Watch this space!



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