How Ethernet Fibre Internet Connection can help your business as you move toward Cloud

The speed and bandwidth capabilities of Ethernet Fibre Internet Connection surpass even the highest-speed copper internet connections; this means faster access to your data and applications stored in the Cloud. During periods of high demand for Internet access, your business should not notice the Internet slowing down. Your sales and customer service representatives will no longer face delays with communicating with prospects or customer.

As businesses move more and more services to the Cloud, Fibre-optic internet is becoming critical.


Fibre internet connectivity offers significant reliability advantages over copper internet connectivity. As Fibre resistant to weather, human or electrical interference (which can be caused by the proximity of heavy machinery) unless fibres are physically cut.

Unreliable Internet connections can have real costs to business. If your company requires an internet connection to make phone calls or access applications, reliability is a necessity.

Signal Strength

With traditional broadband Internet using ADSL2+ or Ethernet FTTC, the signal degrades as the user moves away from the switch. The signal strength of Fibre-optic internet does not degrade as quickly over distance.


The following user activities can place particularly high demands on business bandwidth:

  • Web conferencing
  • Streaming high definition video
  • Large file sharing
  • Cloud applications

Signs of low bandwidth availability can include slow upload and download speeds, delays, and pixelated video quality.

You can see how it’s relatively easy to “reach the limit” on your copper cable internet bandwidth. While Ethernet Fibre internet for business is not truly unlimited, the bandwidth availability is significantly higher and in some cases (Ethernet over FTTC) it can be scalable. Speed does not decrease as high demands are put on the network.

If your current internet connection is not sufficient to support your company’s legitimate bandwidth demands for video conferencing or accessing cloud applications, you could significantly benefit from an upgrade to Ethernet Fibre internet connectivity.

Please contact the VSL team about upgrading your internet options.

Eradication of Delays Processing Data

Fiber-optic internet eliminates many of the delays that occur while processing issues users experience on cable internet, particularly when downloading or uploading video or high-definition content. The business benefits of this could include:

  • Better voice quality for VoIP users
  • Ability to move more apps to the cloud
  • Downloads and uploads of huge files without disruption
  • Improved collaboration between employees

Cost Savings

Productivity issues that are directly attributed to slow or unreliable cable Internet could disappear with Fibre. Perhaps more importantly, your business will gain flexibility and scalability with Fibre-optic internet connectivity.

If you are hoping to move more applications and services to the Cloud, a Fibre connection can support these initiatives. Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Cloud storage, and VoIP are all business services that have enormous potential for cost savings and benefit significantly from Fibre connectivity.

Despite the increased costs of Fibre internet service and the financial investment required for installation, many businesses believe they’re able to achieve a high ROI due to productivity and availability gains. The friendly team at VSL can help you upgrade your business to a fast-reliable Ethernet Fibre internet connection.

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