Cloud-Based Telephone Systems for the SME

For many SMEs the transition to a cloud-based telephone system can seem daunting and expensive. The cost, down-time and training involved are all incredibly important considerations. That’s why VSL created the ‘VSL Hosted Complete’ package, to offer ultimate value and flexibility for SME’s when they need it most.

What is VSL Hosted Complete?

Our complete communications package encompasses lines, calls, numbers, phones and connectivity, supported from a single intuitive online portal. Meaning your complete telephony package is safe and accessible in the cloud, and is fully adaptable to the needs of all sizes and types of businesses.

This flexible telephony service can be accessed and controlled from anywhere, using any device. Ensuring that in the event of a physical disaster all services and features will remain intact and workers are able to continue working from any location, including from home and on the road.

VSL Hosted Complete is run on a dedicated next-generation network, offering built-in quality of service, security and resilience.

Fully customisable cloud-based phone system

User types can be selected based on the usage and requirements of the individual staff members. As well as additional features that can be added on at any point, either for the entire site or for an individual user as roles change or progress.

Who is VSL Hosted Complete for?

  • Businesses that have multiple communication systems and cost structures across different offices.
  • Businesses where internal call spend is rising, including inter-office, homeworker and mobile calls.
  • Those whose existing communications service does not support current/future worker flexibility, including the ability to work from home.
  • Companies facing decreasing communications budgets and difficulty sourcing CAPEX for new features.
  • Businesses looking for the simplicity of a complete communications service, run and operated by a single trusted supplier.
  • Businesses looking for a flexible cloud-based telephony solution, with the training and support to allow all employees to on-board quickly and easily.

How does it work?

A customer orders their users, choosing from a range of 5 options, along with an accompanying phone (if required), giving us the details of each user and the rest is all up to us! No large upfront costs, just subscribe to our VSL Hosted Complete Package and we do the rest.

We configure each phone and send them out directly to the customer, ready to plug in and use.

Users will each receive a log-in to an online portal, which will have various access levels for different employees. This allows for simple and quick changes.

Our dedicated training team will ensure that your transition to our Hosted Complete product is as seamless as possible, allowing all of your staff the reassurance they need to get up and running, with little to no down-time.

With over 30 years of experience, VSL will be able to assist you every step of the way.

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