VSL DDos Attack Prevention FAQ

We are too small for anyone to attack us In the UK, Small and Medium businesses are the number one target of DDoS attacks, with the number of DDoS attacks rising every year, it is now a case of [...]


Network Security What is the risk?

Everyone knows the phrase ‘Network Security’ but what does it actually mean? What is the risk if business networks are not secure? It is not only external but internal threats that networks need [...]


Cyber Attacks – Reducing the Impact

Reducing the impact helps organisations understand what a common cyber attack looks like and explains why all organisations should establish basic security controls and processes, to protect [...]


VSL Security as a Service

VSL Security as a Service Stop viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, keyloggers, and more before they enter your network, with an all-in-one, comprehensive network protection. VSL can provide you [...]


Network Security Explained

Network Security The connections from your networks to the Internet, and other partner networks, expose your systems and technologies to attack. By creating and implementing some simple policies [...]