Benefits of Mitel Software Assurance

It may seem obvious, but software assurance is incredibly beneficial for your business. It’s available for a wide range of Mitel products and is usually billed within your VSL maintenance contract. So if there is an issue, we’re on hand to come to your rescue!

What are the benefits?

Keeping software levels up-to-date; Mitel update software for their products twice a year, introducing new features and improving functionality.

Maintain compatibility with the latest hardware; new technology such as cordless headsets and handsets are usually only compatible with the latest Mitel software, so keeping it up to date is crucial to ensure you can benefit from the latest productivity tools.

Predictable and cost-effective; software assurance is contracted annually, however VSL networks customers can choose to spread payments monthly through their networks service bill.

Prevents further problems; regularly upgrading to the latest software will mean that your hardware will remain compatible with various third party platforms and new updates usually fix any bugs or issues that have arisen.

Software assurance from Mitel is available in 1, 3 and 5 year contracts, with cost benefits for longer contract terms.

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