Whether you are a high street retailer or online shop, we integrate business communication solutions that help you match the demands of customers for speed, reliability, security and service.

Working with some well-known high street brands, we have supplied fast, secure internet connections and contact centre solutions that integrate cross-platform communications for customer service.

retailer telephone systems


  • Easier customer communications with integrated contact centre solutions.
  • Comply with GDPR and privacy policies for your data with secure, robust and compliant networks.
  • Easy to use solutions for contact centres or the shop floor.
  • Secure connections for Bring Your Own Device operations.

Retail Connectivity Challenges

The growth in cloud services and remote stock management systems mean that internet security and speed have become even more important for retailers of all sizes.

This is compounded with a more engaged customer who demands fast communication, whether voice or data, using technology that suits them, leaving retailers needing contact centre solutions that cover the bases for both great customer service and compliance.

Telephone Systems for Retailers

Our solutions enable a completely hands-free environment in-store, freeing staff from being tied to their desks. A suite of tailored unified communication solutions comprising messaging; e-mail, teleworking; and audio, web, and video conferencing services also allow mobile workers to seamlessly connect with colleagues and customers from anywhere in the world.

As worker mobility becomes essential to maintain flexibility of operations, our retail customers recognise the huge value delivered by hosted telephony systems that offer a range of additional features such as voicemail, fax, auto attendant, call transfer, call queuing, caller line identification, and conference calling.

We can also deliver the ideal solution for an efficient contact centre for retailers, with features such as call recording, as well as tools for enabling your team to make informed and accurate decisions while delivering exceptional customer experience and managing compliance to PCI and GDPR.

Internet Connectivity for Retailers

Whether you run an online shop or a high street store chain, fast and reliable internet is essential. Many EPOS solutions are cloud-based, as well as credit card terminals and stock management systems. We offer internet connections for retailers tailored to specific requirements of use, with security and performance paramount considerations.

This includes smart Wi-Fi solutions that deliver valuable benefits such as ease-of-use; low cost of ownership; and simple configuration, management and reporting. Wide, secure wireless coverage helps staff remain connected from any part of the store or warehouse, irrespective of its layout or the density of the data transferred.

Hosted firewalls address issues such as managing different devices connected to the network with advanced threat and malware protection, as well as greater automation to reduce the cost and complexity of identifying threats without compromising network visibility.

secure wireless networks for shops

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