As technology transforms the way law firms work, with sophisticated software solutions and the electronic transfer of secure data, a robust business internet connection and flexible telephone solution is becoming more essential.

We help Solicitors maximise their telephone and internet solutions.

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  • Faster file transfers with internet connections designed to handle large data transfer, and robust security features.
  • Easier client communications with cloud telephony, ideal for remote workers.
  • Comply with GDPR and privacy policies for your data with secure, robust and compliant networks.
  • Save money with Internet and Telephony solutions designed specifically for solicitor practices.
  • Complete training for all of your staff, ensuring your whole team are making the most of the features available to them, improving productivity.
  • Use our legal industry expertise, with free initial advice and consultancy.

Law Firm Challenges

We have seen a reluctance to adapt to new technologies from many legal practices. However, now is the time to take the leap into a more sophisticated and technologically advanced workplace, if you want to be able to offer your clients the service they now expect.

Add to this the changing way that legal staff are working, with remote options in particular, and it’s clear that great communication and connectivity has become essential for Solicitor firms of all sizes.

We understand the challenges Solicitors face, and as a result have developed robust training solutions. This means that every single employee will have the confidence and ability to utilise all of the new features and technologies available to them. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, we ensure all of our customers are 100% satisfied and confident in the services we provide.

Telephone Systems for Solicitors

Again, with remote workers, hot-desking, and off-site clients, Solicitors can benefit from an internet based telephone system. Whether an on-site PBX system or a cloud-based solution, IP telephony ‘shares’ your Internet connection – saving expensive call costs and offering flexible working.

Users can access their calls anywhere with secure lines, move desks, or work remotely with no necessary difference for your team or clients when they call.

Business Internet for Solicitors

The way people within law firms utilise an internet connection often places an undue demand on different parts of the network. Online file sharing software will often demand that access to the Internet needs to be robust, secure and reliable, but, using these kinds of applications (on top of browsing the web) requires uploading data as well as downloading. The same applies to email and large backups (sending and receiving) and, the use of remote workers.

Because of this, small business ADSL or Fibre internet connections often create bottlenecks for Solicitors, partly due to contention ratios (you share your bandwidth with other local users) and partly down to differing upload and download speeds.

VSL offers a range of cost effective connectivity solutions that are contention free. These services are scalable to allow for different size firms or branch offices. All will ensure high speed connections to allow you to work quickly.

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