As technology transforms the way accountants work, with SAAS software solutions and the electronic transfer of secure data, a robust business internet connection and flexible telephone solution is becoming more essential.

We help accountants maximise their telephone and internet solutions.

telephone systems for accountants


  • Faster file transfers with internet connections designed to handle large data transfer, such as backups and access to online services such as Xero or Sage.
  • Easier client communications with cloud telephony, ideal for remote workers.
  • Comply with GDPR and privacy policies for your data with secure, robust and compliant networks.
  • Save money with Internet and Telephony solutions designed specifically for accountancy practices.
  • Use our accountancy industry expertise, with free initial advice and consultancy.

Accountant Business Connectivity Challenges

The growth in cloud systems and SAAS* applications to run accounts, and, with government agencies such as HMRC offering online portals to upload data, connectivity – both voice and data – have become essential to the day-to-day running of accountancy practices.

Add to this the changing way that accountancy staff work, with remote and home workers, and it’s clear that great communication becomes essential.

Telephone Systems for Accountants

Again, with remote workers, hot-desking, and off-site projects, Accountants can benefit from an IP telephone system. Whether an on-site PBX system or a cloud-based solution, IP telephony ‘shares’ your Internet connection – saving expensive call costs and offering flexible working.

Users can access their calls anywhere with secure lines, move desks, or work remotely with no necessary difference for your team or clients when they call.

Business Internet for Accountants

The way people within an accountancy practice utilise an internet connection often places an undue demand on different parts of the network. Solutions such as Xero and Sage Online demand that access to the Internet needs to be robust, secure and reliable, but, using these kinds of applications (on top of browsing the web) requires uploading data as well as downloading. The same applies to email and large backups (sending and receiving) which is exacerbated at busy times of the year, such as quarter and year-ends; and, the use of remote workers.

Because of this, small business ADSL or Fibre internet connections often create bottlenecks for Accountants, partly due to contention ratios (you share your bandwidth with other local users) and partly down to differing upload and download speeds which can differ.

But, by analysing usage and planning bandwidth, there are a number of business internet solutions to suit accountancy practices of all sizes – ensuring latency, availability and offering flexibility for scaling up or down.

This often creates connectivity issues if not managed, which can easily be avoided if analysed and planned around.

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