Communication applications provide the tools to set your business apart; driving customer service, increasing business productivity and lowering costs, letting you get closer to your customer and colleagues.


Mitel MiCollab delivers unified messaging, mobility, teleworking, audio, web and video conferencing services tailored to the needs of today’s mobile workforce. As a single point of access to all communications and collaborations tools. Build better connections using IM, voice, video or full web collaboration from any location and on any device.

Call Recording

With the MiVoice Call Recording software, your organisation can quickly capture, archive, organise, playback and share voice documentation. Whether you use call recording for performance improvement, for regulatory compliance or the monitoring of staff, call recording is now a widely used application many businesses cannot afford to be without.

Contact Centre

Without the right tools, the modern contact centre can be a chaotic place with customer interactions coming in on every channel including calls, web chat, email and social media. Mitel’s Award-winning ‘MiContact Centre’ provides tools such as skills-based routing and resource optimisation that can help you gain new efficiencies in handling these interactions.


Let your team be more productive with the rich collaboration capabilities available through MiCollab audio, web and video conferencing, including desktop and application sharing, multi-point video conferencing, and a web-based collaboration viewer.

PCI-DSS Compliant Payments

Reduce the scope of your PCI compliance and associated financial outlay, whilst benefitting from PCI-DSS compliance and secure data systems that don’t compromise on your ability to provide seamless customer experience.

Bulk SMS

SMS is an excellent tool for delivering any message. It’s immediate and also gives the recipient control in terms of how and when they reply. We send millions of text messages for clients each week, but the real benefit of the service we offer goes way beyond a simple broadcast.

Print and Post

Send documents to a virtual print queue where all mailings are monitored. Chose a template and paper quality, then we print, fold, insert, frank and deliver to the local destination for final delivery. You can select custom inserts for your mailing and even include a prepaid envelope.

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