Mailing a customer or a prospect may sound simple and relatively inexpensive. But far too many businesses and organisations are completely unaware of the invisible costs in time and resources expended on a traditional mail campaign.

The traditional way to send letters is to print, fold, insert and frank or stamp them and then put them in a post tray for collection by the Royal Mail. In many businesses or organisations, there is likely to be little control over the envelope, postage class or print quality that is used or any central process designed to cut down on time and costs.

What We Do

Our process is simpler, and considerably more efficient. Customers send documents to a virtual print queue where all mailings are monitored. Users can select templates and paper quality, then we print, fold, insert, frank and deliver to the local destination for final delivery. You can also select custom inserts for your mailing and these can even include a prepaid envelope.

In any organisation, staff are the most expensive and valuable asset. Ideally, the workforce should spend it’s time being productive, rather than fulfilling mundane tasks such as letter production.

Safety and Security

Our process is governed by our BSI IS027001 accreditation, and documents are sent over secure encrypted channels at every step. All mail items are handed over to the Royal Mail for final delivery. However in the event that some items are undeliverable, we can either have the items sent back to your return address. Or we can dispose of them and alert you electronically so you can amend your databases.