VSL have forged great relationships with our suppliers, such as BT Wholesale, Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media Business and Vodafone that have allowed us to offer market leading products. From a customer’s point of view, VSL are the perfect size company to partner with – big enough to be competitive, small enough to react and personal enough to handle that one off special request!

Lines and Calls

Let VSL quote for your lines and calls to see how much you can save by switching over to us. It’s simple!

Step 1: Send us a copy of your latest bill.

Step 2: An account manager will take the time to work through exactly what you are using, identifying any redundant lines or new business requirements.

Step 3: We pledge to come up with some epic call rates, work through the ISDN v’s SIP cost exercise to see if it makes sense for your business; and review your internet provision to see if we can we can find you a bit more bandwidth for your money.

Step 4: Sign up and one of our provisioning experts will manage your transfers, ports and upgrade efficiently, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Ongoing, your account will be managed by its own account manager and you will gain access to our support desk, log any fault and keep you informed. Our billing platform will allow you to analyse your spend, download your bill and label lines, giving you the flexibility to manage your account the way you need to. Alternatively, we are quite happy to email or post you your bill.

Upgrade your ISDN to SIP

Our market is changing. However we have hundreds of success stories and thousands of SIP lines in use.  And yes, SIP is very much here to stay. Many of our customers have been using just SIP for years, some use a combination of both ISDN and SIP and some are quite happy to remain on traditional ISDN for the time being.  Here at VSL, we believe you know your business best. There’s no pressure and you might be surprised at just how many business benefits SIP can bring.

Why upgrade to SIP?

  • Make savings by converting your ISDN to SIP. SIP trunks are routed over internet connections allowing calls to travel over IP. Utilising your internet connection for both voice and data makes ISDN redundant and provides access to cheaper call rates.
  • Unlike ISDN, SIP trunks benefits from using phone numbers that are not fixed to one geographical location. They can automatically be diverted to a separate location in the case of all lines at one location being busy and, if you wish to relocate, your current numbers can stay with you. High speed connections through SIP lines will provide HD voice quality and built in safeguards, which ensures a continued service and no disruption.
  • Not having the correct amount of ISDN channels is a common problem for businesses, whereas SIP has no limitations, subject to bandwidth. This means you can instantly scale up or down, on a per channel basis to suit fluctuating needs.

No Nonsense Mobile

VSL Mobile is a mobile service built exclusively for the UK business market, designed to ensure you get improved coverage for voice and data. With VSL Mobile your device will empower, not hinder your ability to conduct business. We have travel bolt-ons that are as flexible as your schedule, a fixed/mobile convergence roadmap that prepares your business for the future and you’ll get a network provider with a focus on customer service excellence.

Mobile doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why we can offer:


  • SIM only
  • Straight forward minutes and data packages for UK, Europe and Worldwide Roaming
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Billed by VSL on a single networks bill for landline, connectivity and mobile
  • VSL Mobile use two of the top UK mobile networks but is serviced via our in-house support desk, so any problems along the way, just call us.
  • So next time you need to add a new user or are reviewing your complete plan give VSL a call and see for yourself how competitive we are!

WebAbillity Customer Portal

Access our WebAbillity platform, an easier way to manage your phone bill. Allowing you to actively monitor and manage your telephony services account with us. By using this service, you can generate online reports of your webaBILLity account, as well as administer the users within your company in order to create custom invoices.