As a Mitel Silver Solutions Partner, VSL have provided contact centres for hundreds of organisations in industries including insurance, finance, manufacturing and retail. They are diverse in terms of their size, set up and function. They all have one thing in common –the requirement to find a partner that understands their objectives, can deliver on their promises and provide long term support and development.

While voice-based communication with customers still plays a strong role, consumers are increasingly looking to digital communication methods (like social media, SMS, Web chat and email) and demanding the flexibility to interact with companies through their preferred media. Today’s organisation must adapt to provide a convenient, satisfying and consistent customer experience at all times. What’s more, economic downturns and an evolving marketplace have made reducing costs and raising operational efficiency increasingly crucial—all while remaining compliant with industry regulations and compliance policies. The challenge lies in offering a flexible, intimate customer experience without compromising your bottom line.

Mitel has a range of contact centre solutions:

Inbound Contact Centre Solutions

Contact centres come in many shapes and sizes, from informal teams that don’t officially consider themselves contact centres, to sophisticated, enterprise-grade operations with agents at different sites worldwide. The goal of any team, regardless of size, is to provide the satisfying customer experience required to build and maintain profitable relationships—a feat that involves more than managing call-handling times and abandon rates.

Features Businesses Look for in Inbound Call Centre Solutions:
• Tools for optimising the customer experience enabling agents and supervisors to make informed and accurate decisions.
• Future-ready for investment protection
• Lower total cost of ownership from a comprehensive integrated solution with your CRM
• Resiliency and high availability with seamless, uninterrupted services

Outbound Contact Centre Solutions

Automated outbound dialling is a powerful tool for teams looking to provide proactive outreach and execute campaigns efficiently. By eliminating guesswork and automatically connecting agents with customers, outbound dialling solutions can maximise agent productivity and deliver the information required for a successful interaction.

Businesses can use outbound campaigns to uncover potential revenue opportunities, disseminate important business information or even support business operations outside the contact centre (for example, reminding customers of upcoming appointments or past due payments). This level of service helps businesses differentiate themselves by providing an intimate experience that positively impacts customer satisfaction and retention.

• Enhanced Customer Service Delivery with scripting, prompts and CRM pop ups.
• Actionable Insights and Reporting by measuring outbound dialling for optimum efficiency
• Intelligent Lead Management with visual data segmentation and call recycling tools
• Painless I.T. Management with inbound and outbound workflows, visual programming interfaces and support for resilient, highly available architectures.

Workforce Management and Recording Solutions

Workforce management (WFM) optimises productivity, all the way from the company-wide level down to individual departments and employees. With a good WFM solution, you can accurately plan, forecast and schedule agents to increase operational efficiency. Combined with call recording and quality management tools, you can empower managers, supervisors and employees with a variety of workforce tools to help monitor, analyse and enhance individual and group performance.

Top Functions of Workforce Management and Recording Solutions:
• Multichannel Forecasting and Scheduling
• Call Recording and Quality Management
• Administrative Process Automation
• Risk and Compliance Management

Mitel workforce management solutions ensure resources are properly allocated to avoid mishaps that negatively impact the customer experience, like long wait times and multiple transfers to find the correct agent for a customer’s query. Our call recording tools enable your organisation to quickly capture, archive, organise, playback and share voice documentation. By organising and sharing these recordings, you can transform isolated events into part of your continuous improvement system. Our quality management solutions add advanced quality assurance, personnel development and reporting tools to the core recording technology, all tightly bundled into one comprehensive system.

Multichannel Contact Centre Solutions

More and more of today’s customers are relying on digital communications, like email, text messaging, Web chat and social media, in order to interact with your business. Multichannel contact centres give customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time, and requires your organisation to provide the same prompt, informed customer experience across all channels. With the right tools, you can make sure your business is prepared to meet these evolving demands.

• Flexible Customer Experience to make informed decisions in choosing a communications medium
• Seamless Agent Experience with a single interface for all channels, driving efficiency
• Management Insight and Resource Planning with real time and historical reporting across all channels
• Simplified IT Management and automated responses using drag and drop interfaces.

Cloud-Based Contact Centres

VSL offer cloud based contact centre solutions hosted from multiple UK data centres. From 5-1000 seats, VSL can provide you with all the functionally and solution design you would naturally expect – resilience, security scalability, functionality and control. Completely custom designed to your exact contact centre set up with the benefit of being able to introduce new features and applications such as multimedia as and when you need to without significant upfront investment.

• An enterprise grade solution with complete flexibility for inbound, outbound and multichannel environments with workforce management and recording.
• Scalable solutions that allow you to add seats as your business demands increase, satisfying customer expectations more effectively without wasted utilised resource.
• Reduce the need for up front capital investment with a pay per seat monthly rental
• Simplified IT Management with infrastructure managed in the cloud by VSL technicians.