Companies of all sizes are reliant on robust and fast internet business connections. From business-critical cloud services, web access and email, to IP telephones and video conferencing; efficiency is measured by speed, reliability and cost.

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Why buy a connection from VSL?

You have more choice than you’d imagine when it comes to business Internet connections, especially when we establish your specific needs and priorities.

VSL can provide you with a tailored solution, from a number of different providers including; BT Wholesale, Virgin Media, Vodafone, Virtual 1, Gamma and more. Better still, we can incorporate your internet connectivity with a package that includes cyber security, firewalls, cloud telephony, failover, backup circuits and much more!

What are the benefits?

The benefits below show why choosing a connectivity solution from VSL makes sense.

With a choice of suppliers, we can offer your business the best performance possible, at a price which offers fantastic value for money.

As your business needs change, and your organisation grows, your connectivity solution can grow with your business without disruption to service. Whether you open multiple sites, or transition to hybrid working for your employees, we can ensure every member of your team has access to the best connectivity for their requirements.

As an independent supplier, you can rely on trustworthy and unbiased advice regarding all of the products on the market. We have a number of partners such as BT Wholesale, Virgin Media, Gamma and many more. This means we can independently select the most valuable solution for your business and ensure that it will genuinely work for you.

We have a fantastic, dedicated, in-house support team who we are incredibly proud of. Our support really sets us apart from any other connectivity provider, we are on hand whenever you need to ensure that you and your business can stay online. We know first hand how important connectivity is to every aspect of a business today, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you know you have a real person you can contact to get you back up and running without delay.

With our managed solutions you can have 24/7 monitoring of your network, this will alert you early to any issues to keep your business running smoothly.

At VSL not only do we offer fantastic connectivity solutions for businesses, but we can also create a bespoke package for your entire organisation’s needs. From Cyber Security and Firewalls, to Cloud Telephony & Collaboration and business mobile solutions. You can fulfill all of your businesses networking and tech requirements from a single trusted supplier.

What about working from home?

If your business offers its employees a hybrid or remote working opportunity, it is important to ensure they are equipped with a business grade connectivity solution. Our day-to-day duties are heavily reliant on a strong internet connection, and if home broadband services can’t keep up it can cause problems to your business. VSL can ensure each employee is equipped with a fast and reliable connection, from a number of different suppliers  managed and provided by VSL.

What solutions are available?

The solution best suited for your business will depend upon a number of factors: how large your organisation is, how many employees there are and nature of the business. By choosing VSL, we are able to give your business the best solution tailored to meet your companies needs.

ADSL 2+ is entry level broadband that you would normally expect to use at home or as a remote worker.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is the step up from traditional ADSL 2+. A faster broadband connection, more common in homes and small businesses.

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), like ADSL 2+ and FTTC delivers us fibre broadband to our home and small office. FTTP gives us a better range of speeds and is far more reliable than FTTC and ADSL 2+. This product is perfect for a home worker, who uses Microsoft Teams and Collaboration software on a day to day basis.

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is the step up from traditional broadband products. Offering guaranteed and dedicated bandwidth, EoFTTC gives you a lower cost Ethernet option, backed by full Ethernet SLAs.

Business Fibre Ethernet circuits are high speed, uncontended, full duplex synchronous connections that deliver stringent uptime targets and repair times in the unlikely event of a failure, as well as performance SLAs in terms of extremely low packet loss, jitter and delay.

Fibre Ethernet is the choice for businesses looking for dedicated and scalable bandwidth, with the highest uptime available.

This solution is fully scalable and is surprisingly good value for money. With Fibre networks becoming more accessible across the UK , the price for Ethernet connectivity has decreased, meaning it is now more financially viable than ever before.

With the birth of 4G/5G this has become a viable option for Failover or Faststart. VSL partner with multiple providers, meaning we are able to tailor a cellular network plan to your business, based on which provider will give you the best service.

MPLS (Multiprotocol Labelling Switching) is a multi-site private network, which allows all sites to access common data. Perfect for organisations with multiple offices, generally 3 or more.

SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is the global alternative to MPLS. This solution comes with the option to use multiple providers, and is perfect for companies with international offices who require access to the same network.

Packages to suit every business

VSL’s ability to tailor solutions to your exact requirements means we can provide businesses with opportunities that are simply unavailable elsewhere.

For the corporate organisation, who have internal IT management departments, some find that they simply only require cabling and infrastructure we provide. They can then internally manage the network and carry out any maintenance as required.

Our most popular solution though, which suits businesses of all sizes, is our End-to-End package. This is where we provide all necessary hardware and infrastructure, along with proactive 24/7 PRTG monitoring of your network. This provides businesses with early alerts to any network issues in the unlikely event of an outage.

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