Communication is essential; however messages can get lost and misunderstood. Eliminating this is a step towards increased efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Conferencing also reduces transport costs associated with customer visits whilst still retaining personal communication.

MiCollab Audio, Web & Video Conferencing

Let your employees be more productive with the rich collaboration capabilities available through Mitel’s MiCollab audio, web and video conferencing, including scheduled and ad-hoc conferences, desktop and application sharing, multi-point video conferencing, and a web-based collaboration viewer.


Mitel Conference Phones

The Mitel MiVoice Conference Phone makes conference calls clear, easy and efficient. Combining high-definition audio capabilities with 16 microphones that automatically focus towards the person talking, the Conference Phone helps to minimise side conversation pickup and increases speaker clarity.

The conference phone also has a large touch screen display with embedded collaboration services and Web browser, so participants can access, view & collaborate, and drive in-room presentations – without the need for a dedicated PC in the room.

Meet Me Conferencing

Whether you’re a small business with clients all over the country or a multi-national with teams all over the world, you need to bring people together quickly and cost-effectively. A pay as you use network based solution based on BT’s global conferencing platform. With no capital investment Meet Me Conferencing couldn’t be simpler. For a free monthly trial contact us