Flexibility was key during the early weeks of the pandemic, when many businesses had to transition to remote working almost overnight. It will continue to be crucial as businesses navigate the choppy waters of the post-pandemic era and the PSTN switch off.

To be flexible and agile, businesses need to be digital. In a BT Wholesale/Cisco survey, 82% of respondents agreed that digital transformation made businesses less vulnerable to the economic impacts of the pandemic, because it helped them to be flexible.

Flexible working

Preparing for a flexible future

  • Digital applications and services can help you adapt, whatever the future may bring.
  • Cloud services let hybrid workers access the tools they need from anywhere, and on any device.
  • Managed security helps you embrace flexibility by giving you the confidence to experiment with new technology and ways of working.
  • Internet-based communications prepare you for the PSTN switch off. All-IP solutions like hosted voice let your teams communicate and collaborate in the ways they want.

Upgrade your connectivity

Upgrade your connectivity

With more remote workers connecting to a growing portfolio of cloud-based services and applications, we’re all doing more online. In fact, in the BT Wholesale/Cisco survey, more than two-thirds of respondents had seen an increased demand for network bandwidth.

The switch to all-IP communications in the run up to 2025 will create even more pressure on internet capacity. Getting fast and reliable connectivity that matches your digital ambitions is the first step to becoming a truly flexible organisation.

We can help you create a flexible future

We can help you create a flexible future

As a BT Wholesale partner, we can help you put the foundations for a flexible future in place. We offer a wide range of connectivity options, including future-proof Full-fibre (FTTP) broadband and Ethernet. Full-fibre lets you adopt multiple cloud services without worrying about bandwidth, and our connectivity services are built on a network that boasts 99.999% availability. They are also protected by a huge network of specialist engineers and cybersecurity experts.


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