• MiFID II The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking… are you ready for MiFID II?

Coming into force on 3rd January 2018.
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly known as MiFID II, is due to come into force in January 2018. First introduced by the EU in response to the 2008 financial crisis, MiFID is a set of sweeping reforms for the financial industry designed to prevent history from repeating […]

Make Sure Your Contact Centre Payments are Secure

Semafone Secure Payments enables contact centres to take personal data securely over the telephone.

The patented data capture method collects sensitive information such as payment card or bank details directly from the customer’s telephone keypad for processing. Eliminating the need to record or store sensitive payment data – instead, this goes directly to the Payment Service […]

The Latest Mitel MiVoice Application Suite

Mitel’s highly anticipated new MiVoice Office Application Suite has launched and provides customers with a brand new server which runs 4 applications all in one place.

This single server encompasses Mitel Phone Manager, MiContact Centre Campaign Manager, MiVoice Office Call Recorder and MiVoice Office Call Reporter.

This all-in-one package reduces hardware requirements, increases collaboration and generally just […]

Why Cloud?

Cloud technology is growing and spreading so fast that it can be hard to keep up with it all, everything’g going hosted, from a telephone system to document sharing. It can be difficult to identify how a cloud solution can benefit you as on paper it sounds quite similar to traditional on-site equipment. However, when […]

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Our Contact Centre Solutions

VSL have provided contact centers for hundreds of organisations in industries including insurance, finance, manufacturing and retail. They are diverse in terms of their size, set up and function. They all have one thing in common –the requirement to find a partner that understands their objectives, can deliver on their promises and provide long term […]

Making a Customer Happy

When we make a customer happy, it makes us happy. It means we have listened to their needs and provided a solution to fit perfectly, as well as installed the system and supported them consistently along the way. We create excellent relationships with our customers and their feedback is a testament to that.

Have a read […]

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Multichannel Contact Centre Solutions

Top Benefits of Multichannel Contact Centre Solutions

Flexible Customer Experience
Empower customers to interact with your contact center in the medium of their choice—voice, email, SMS, fax, social media, web chat, or multimedia self-service. Give your customers the flexibility to choose the medium that makes the most sense for them so they can make more intelligent, informed  […]