Vivienne Westwood is a London-headquartered fashion heavyweight with a wide distribution and sales network spanning more than 100 countries.

Until recently, all its branches employed traditional desk telephony systems, which limited the mobility of its senior manager. Besides, they proved highly inadequate to address the rising complexity of its business needs, especially post the setting up of its online store.

Vivienne Westwood

The brand made the decision to migrate to a more unified conferencing and communication system that would allow it to easily scale its communication features. It needed a vendor that could help deploy the system with minimum disruption to work processes and without requiring the operators to be trained extensively.


Two Vivienne Westwood stores in Conduit Street, London, approached VSL to help them transition from their current systems to best-fit hosted telephony solutions. After a thorough assessment of their current and future needs, VSL recommended the Mitel 6920 handsets for their reliability, efficiency, and ease-of-operation.

The Mitel 6900 enabled a completely hands-free environment in the store, freeing staff from being tied to their desks. Its suite of tailored unified communication solutions comprising messaging; e-mail, teleworking; and audio, web, and video conferencing services also allow mobile workers to seamlessly connect with colleagues and customers from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, VSL installed the MiCollab app on the mobile and softphones of the UK operations manager in response to his need for remote connectivity. The app comes with a presence management feature that allows colleagues to select any of the listed channels to initiate contact, depending on the status message (in a meeting, on a call, at lunch) of the recipient.


The solution is scalable with the ability to add additional users, offices and stores quickly and easily.

The system is also highly interoperable and offer one-touch access to MiCollab Conference sessions. They are also integrable with smartphones and facilitate the transfer of contacts to the MiCollab app.

The handsets require minimal training to operate since the large, user-friendly screens display contact lists, enable direct dialling from the screen, and check the availability of colleagues.


As worker mobility becomes essential to maintain the flexibility of operations, businesses are recognising the huge value delivered by a hosted telephony system. At no additional costs, hosted solutions offer a range of features such as voicemail, fax, auto attendant, call transfer, call queuing, caller line identification, and conference calling. The vendor will also automatically implement hardware and software upgrades, at no extra cost or effort to the client.

Vivienne Westwood has been able to leverage all of these functions and features in two of its stores simply by installing new handsets from Mitel.

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