Thomas David Charter Accountants Hertford Thomas David is a chartered accountancy practice based in the centre of Hertford. Established over 25 years ago they have a wide range of clients that, as technology has evolved, rely on a responsive service to stay on top of their financial affairs.

With more of the company’s clients moving to cloud systems and SAAS* applications to run their accounts, and, with government agencies such as HMRC offering online portals to upload data, connectivity Рboth voice and data Рhave become essential to the day-to-day running of their business.

The ageing telephone system, which was no longer fit for purpose, and entry-level broadband connection that could no longer cope with the amount of data being transferred, meant that the entire communications infrastructure was becoming a bottle-neck. For instance, the standard broadband with a contended connection**, no guaranteed speeds or service level agreement, caused slow upload speeds when trying to send large files quickly and perform daily backups to the cloud.


The key to a whole new communications system for the accountancy practice was a more robust internet connection, and we provided a business fibre ethernet 20/100 connection, giving them a 20Mb guaranteed connection, with 100Mb availability at the flick of a switch if they need to expand.

The telephone system is now cloud-based, using IP telephony over the internet connection for a more integrated and flexible voice solution.

Mitel 5340 TelephoneThe new handsets – leased Mitel 5340 devices – connect directly with the company computers through the Mitel MiCollab CTI App (link), allowing the staff much more information about the calls and callers; and, they can now easily find contacts, dial direct from screen, instant message, and see who within the business is available.

The new IP telephone system also allows more flexible working, as people can now work from home across a secure connection, accessing telephone calls as if they are in the office.


With more business data moving to the cloud, including backups and CRM systems, a quality business internet connection is an absolute necessity for an accountancy practice. With a robust infrastructure in place, cost savings can be made on an IP telephone system and call costs, utilising the same lines without investing in more hardware or cable infrastructure.

This connectivity solution, overall, is not much more expensive to run than the more basic systems the company had before but offers many business benefits including speed of connection, ease of use with computer integration for the telephone system, flexible working and confidence in accessing data faster.

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*SAAS – Software as a service. This includes platforms for bookkeeping like Xero and Sage Business Cloud Accounting.
** A contended internet connection is where users share the data capacity on a provider’s line. For instance, you may have a fast connection, but it could be shared with other neighbouring connections when you are all using the internet.

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