British luxury fashion brand, House of CB, headquartered in London and with stores in the United States and Australia, has rapidly grown to become a leading designer of women’s wear.

It has a strong online presence in Topshop and derives a sizeable chunk of revenue from its e-retail channel. As it designs most of its world-famous collections in-house, the company recognised the need for a faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connection.

House Of CB

The tangible impact of slow Wi-Fi on the company’s return on investment (RoI) due to loss of productivity and customer frustration compelled the company to consider an upgrade to a business Internet connection. This move was significant since the majority client base of buyers comprised the younger demographic, which is highly demanding in terms of user experience.

Along with scaled up Internet speed, the company also required an impregnable firewall to ensure safe transactions and eliminate the loss of revenue and reputation that could potentially result from data breaches.


Recognising House of CB’s need to efficiently connect in-store staff, customers, as well as securely process financial transactions, VSL recommended Ruckus Wi-Fi and SonicWall Firewall.

The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi delivered valuable benefits like ease-of-use, low cost of ownership, as well as simple configuration and management and reporting. House of CB also deployed Ruckus Unleashed to better manage its mobile workforce. The solution delivers an exceptional wireless experience to its mobile workers. The wide wireless coverage enabled by Ruckus helps the staff remain connected from any part of the store, irrespective of its layout or the density of the data transferred.

The exponential rise in the number of communication devices connected to the company’s network has increased the points of vulnerabilities as well. The SonicWall hosted Firewalls addressed this issue by providing advanced threat and malware protection, as well as greater automation to reduce cost and complexity of identifying threats, without compromising network visibility. SonicWall blocks network traffic from geographical regions and IP addresses associated with cybercriminals, which is a valuable benefit for a globally expanding company.

These solutions were expertly configured by certified engineers at the stores.

“The peace of mind that the improved speeds and security of the new solution provides is second to none. We are able to keep designing, sharing and connecting as our business grows”

Ian Ashton, UK Stores Manager


Following the deployment of the two solutions, House of CB reported a significant improvement in in-store connectivity, while all the stakeholders also enjoy enhanced security.

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