Business as Usual with Number Portability and Hosted Telephony

Great Guns Telephony SolutionGreat Guns is an award-winning production hub with a global reputation for creativity and excellence. The roster includes major international directors, respected commercial directors, esteemed short film and music video directors and brilliant emerging young talent.

Having been a user of Toshiba technology for many years, Great Guns recognised the need to improve on their telephony to take advantage of new features that would deliver real business benefits. Additionally, they needed to consider a UK office relocation to temporary premises before moving once more to a permanent address.

As with many businesses looking to move premises, Great Guns needed to retain their business telephone number and were uncertain of the specific location of their temporary office space, but, they were sure that they’d be moving out of the local exchange area.

Hosted Cloud-Based Telephony

After consideration, the company opted for a hosted telephony solution, also known as cloud-based telephony. As an existing supplier, our track record was great reassurance for the Great Guns management team as they moved away from an ‘on premise’ hardware solution to our own remotely managed solution.

Utilising an existing internet connection, Great Guns connect via SIP to our Mitel MiCD platform, hosted in data centres across the UK. Each of the thirty-four users has a SIP extension with a Mitel IP5340 handset connected to a POE switch. A quick, hassle-free installation provides them with the flexibility to simply take their handset from one desk to another as they to move into new premises.

Multiple Benefits

Great Guns benefit now from features such as caller display, enhancing the professionalism of their call handling, and a central directory that allows users to scroll through client numbers. The self-labelling displays are programmed to Great Guns specific requirements, grouping departments and users. Modern phones not only reflected their company image but also encourage users to engage with the technology. Conferencing and hot-desking also promote collaborative and flexible working for all staff, irrespective of the position they hold within the company.

However, far more important than the technical simplicity and feature set, Great Guns were able to keep the same number, meaning their customers experienced no inconvenience as a result of their two-phased move. VSL’s experience and honesty in handling the number port meant that Great Guns could make realistic plans as they tied together all the other elements of a successful relocation.

Adam Warren was the lead decision-maker in the process and he was delighted with the result. The implementation was a good example of how we like to partner with their customers rather than simply ‘supply’ a product.

From a commercial perspective, opting for a hosted telephony solution allows Great Guns to pay monthly per user and per feature minimising up-front capital investment, especially important with the financial implications of relocation.

‘VSL were a constant presence both on-site during the implementation and afterwards via customer support in what ended up be a faultless transfer from our fixed Toshiba system to that of the Mitel Cloud solution. Retaining constant communications with our existing and prospective clients is of paramount importance, the industry in which we operate is fast-moving, ever-changing and challenging VSL understood this from the outset.

Both the premises move to temporary accommodation without losing that constant contact with our clients and the increased functionality with the new system were the main drivers and VSL delivered on both.

The next stage is to look for permanent premises and with hosted telephony, it is just business as usual’.

Adam Warren, Head of Finance.

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