Road Pixel Telecoms Case StudyRoadPixel is a specialist ANPR software supplier and hardware manufacturer providing recognition software, ANPR cameras, vehicle processors and video capture cards. A customer may use one of their applications to scan vehicle number plates against a database to open barriers, communicate with LED signs or send personalised messages to drivers.

A relocation of offices prompted a review of their communications. They needed a system that was above all else reliable and would provide them with the flexibility to make programming changes, work remotely and expand as required.

Hosted Telephony

Our hosted solution was the right fit to get RoadPixel set-up with their own private telephone system on the Mitel MICD platform, securely hosted in our very own tier-3 datacentre. Connectivity was supplied via an 8MG Ethernet circuit and BT Wholesale SIP Trunks into the customer’s offices in Welwyn Garden City.

Porting the main line number onto SIP allowed RoadPixel to retain their existing geographic number and meant they could realise the cost savings associated with SIP as opposed to traditional ISDN.

Call Distribution

With no formal receptionist, incoming calls needed to be distributed carefully to ensure all calls are answered efficiently and professionally. The Mitel IP 5340 executive handsets provide an intuitive and feature-rich device whereby users have the option to work from home providing flexible working for all staff.

‘We wanted a managed solution that provided us with our own private telephone system. The Mitel enables us to have applications and features that enhance our business communications here and now, but also offers us the opportunity to add collaboration, mobile twinning and presence at some point in the future.

Louise Gannon, Marketing Manager.

With minimal upfront investment and limited on-site hardware, the flat monthly rental provides RoadPixel with the most cost and business efficient way to access communication services. Finding the right company to partner with, who understood their goals, was important and we provided the reassurance of resilience, a market leading platform and services that could be backed up by a full SLA.

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