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Companies of all sizes are fast becoming reliant on robust and fast internet business connections. From business-critical cloud services, web access and email, to IP telephones and video conferencing; efficiency is measured by speed, reliability and cost.

The good news is that you have more choice than you’d imagine when it comes to business Internet connections, especially when we establish your specific needs and the point where you place value.

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Regular run of the mill broadband suitable for home offices with low level usage and for non-critical connections.
Fibre to the Cabinet delivering a faster connection than ADSL. Widely available and suitable for home or small offices.
Ethernet at the core and then fibre to the cab offers synchronous down and upload of up to 20Mb/s with no download limits. It is a business grade connection suitable for carrying SIP trunks.
Also known as EFM, the Ethernet core connects to bonded copper pairs providing a resilient circuit with guaranteed upload and download of up to 25Mb/s.
A dedicated fibre line with guaranteed speeds from 10Mb/s to 1Gb/s. With prices ever decreasing, Ethernet Fibre is a real option for many businesses that rely on their connectivity to deliver hosted services or internet critical applications. With a responsive SLA, Ethernet Fibre is the backbone of more and more growing businesses.

VSL can supply your business with its own MPLS private end to end data network linking multiple sites as well as home users. MPLS is a cost-effective, scalable solution reducing the need for point to point circuits.

MPLS offers improved uptime and sophisticated traffic engineering options to reduce latency and congestion. With a choice of access technologies such from Fibre Broadband to Ethernet, MPLS can produce savings as efficiencies are gained with improved management of your data network.

Enabling QoS allows you to control traffic priorities, such as voice and video over that of email, defining rules to utilise your bandwidth to its fullest.


Why buy a connection from VSL?

Having built long-term relationships with BT Wholesale, Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media Business and Vodafone we offer market leading rates for your business broadband, business broadband fibre and specialist, dedicated Internet connections. What’s more, with us you have direct contact when issues occur. Our 24/7 support team is backed by SLA’s, to ensure your connection stays up and running.

Types of Business Internet Connections

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