Two-way interaction with customers

SMS is an excellent tool for delivering any message – as it is not only immediate, but it also give the recipient control in terms of how and when they reply. We send millions of text messages for our clients each week, but the real benefit of the service we offer goes way beyond a simple broadcast.

Where everymessage differs is that we enable two way interaction. It’s not about just sending the message, it’s about getting a response for our customers and making their recipient take action – whether that’s to make a payment, or simply just to get in touch or update their details. And by integrating this with our Mobile Microsite development services, we can also ensure that the process of completing the desired action is simple, to encourage an immediate resolution.

From our own client experience, we have seen collections rates increasing by more than 20% – and where Mobile SMS is used as part of an appointment reminder system, attendance has also increased by more than 20%.

  • For UK traffic we only use UK carriers, to meet compliance guidelines and to ensure fast, reliable delivery and accurate reporting
  • Detailed carrier Host Location Register (HLR) reporting allows us to ascertain the exact failure reason for every non-delivered message.
  • When permanently invalid numbers are identified, these can be cleansed from your database using our workflow tool
  • Our system can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Salesforce and many other applications
  • We have access to local numbers in most countries, for international two way communications capability
  • Where SMS fails due to a ceased number, customer contact can be automatically escalated to another delivery channel such as email or our Print & Postservice

Collect Payments More Efficiently

Helping you to collect payments is a big part of what everymessage is brilliant at doing. All the customer interaction in the world is pointless, if what you really need them to do is pay their credit card arrears, make a rent payment or settle an outstanding debt.

Our Payment Automation service enables you to make a simple connection to the payment provider of your choice, and we already have integration in place with most of the largest payment gateways – including Sagepay, Realex and PayPoint. But of course, if you need us to work with other payment providers, then this can easily be arranged.

Payment Automation also integrates with our Mobile SMS service, making it possible for people to receive an SMS message and then make a payment in one smooth and seamless process, via three different methods:

Pay with a pre-registered card

If an existing payment card has already been tokenised by your system, they can simply confirm an instruction to ‘pay now’ and their card will be debited quickly through the Secure Exchange.

Pay with a new card

If no card is registered, or the card has expired, the recipient can be taken through to a specially designed mobile optimised web page, where they can set up a new card easily and then make the payment.

Pay with cash

If the recipient has no bank account or debit card, and prefers to pay by cash at a PayPoint, then we can automatically generate a unique PayPoint bar code which is then sent to them via an SMS Link.
The payment process can also be enhanced with our Exchange service – whereby the original SMS can contain a link which enables the recipient to view a statement or other relevant documentation before making a payment. This is a fully secure solution, as they can enter their date of birth and postcode – or any other security questions that you include – into a Mobile Microsite first, which ensures that the document cannot be downloaded by anyone who is not authorised to do so.

Make it Easy for Customers to Act

At VSL, we develop a wide range of custom designed Mobile Microsites – some as part of an integrated solution, and some as a standalone tool to meet our clients’ requirements. And all backed up with detailed reporting if appropriate, so you know what’s making the difference.

The core aim of our entire service suite is to enable you to generate two way communication with your customers. And in the main, we know that you are looking for them to act as a result of this communication. Whether that’s by making a payment, confirming an appointment, making a purchase or something else entirely.

Whatever it might be, we’ve learned over the years that you have far more chance of getting the response you want if it’s incredibly easy for the recipient to act straight away, and not to think that they will ‘do it later’ and then forget. And the best way to make that happen is to integrate specially designed Mobile Microsites.

  • You send a text message using our Mobile SMS service, to request that they get in contact or make a payment – and this is received and opened.
  • You include a secure link to a copy of their latest statement, so they can see exactly what they owe, via our Secure Exchange service – and this is opened and read.
  • You include a ‘Pay Now’ link in both the SMS and the statement – which they click on, fully intending to make the payment.
  • At this point, the Mobile Microsite can make all the difference between receiving that payment today, and them forgetting about it for weeks, until the next time they are chased. If it’s incredibly easy to complete the payment then and there, the chances are they will do so.
  • If they are directed away from this environment, to a third party payment website or their own bank – anywhere in fact where they have to start the process again, and often using a site that is not optimised for mobile devices – this is where they give up, and all your hard work is lost!