VSL’s Cloud Backup Service Offers a Wide Range of Granular Recovery Options

When listing the pros and cons of backing up data on the Cloud, a point that often gets overlooked is the cost of keeping data on the Cloud. Although Cloud backup services eliminate the need for capital expenditure, the long-term costs of the managed service could still prove prohibitive for enterprises as the volume of data increases.

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VSL’s Cloud Backup solutionĀ is the ideal backup application for businesses across the spectrum as it employs a sliding-scale model. Depending on the requirements of their business, customers can choose their backup and sync frequency from the following retention periods:

  • Daily backups
  • Weekly store
  • Monthly store
  • 1-year store

Additionally, the solution employs a combination of filters when backing up folders to the Cloud. It gives the user complete control over the selection mechanisms, allowing them to choose to backup entire drives, specific volumes, or selected folders/files.

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