Under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 the Prevent Duty Act places an obligation on education institutions to have “due regard to the need to prevent individuals from being drawn into terrorism”.

More than ever it is essential that schools and educational establishments have the correct filtering and security in place to safeguard their students or they may face repercussions from Ofsted and other governmental bodies. Ofsted needs to know how any the schools will identify strange behaviour and what the safeguarding representative does to protect the students.

VSL internet security support packages are designed specifically for schools to ensure you not only comply with the Prevent Duty Act but that you can access the support you need, call us today for more information.

VSL can provide the approved solution so that schools comply with the Prevent Duty Act. Without the correct filtering, reporting, and safeguarding representatives, your organisation will receive a negative score within the Ofsted report.


The Prevent Duty Act:

Filtering web traffic

Blocking evasive protocols

Reporting and visibility into all traffic

Bring Your Own Device, Social Media & Application Controls

How VSL can help:

Comprehensive Dynamic URL Database and Safesearch

Keyword Filtering and Real Time Alerts

Drill Down Reporting

BYOD and Guest Wi-Fi Management

Advanced Application Management and Safe Social Media

The advice goes further than adhering to the laws and regulations to comply with ofstead requirements. Hopefully, we can help customers have a better understanding of advice and guidance to help children use the internet safely. Please follow this link to see a ‘Child Internet Safety’ document – compiled by members of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). It draws together the most effective messages for keeping children safe online. By providing this advice across all online services used by children, you can ensure that children and their parents benefit from consistent advice that has been proven to work.