Top 7 Benefits of Transitioning to a Virtual Environment

VSL understands all the all the complexities and challenges inherent in migrating an organisation’s on-premise applications to the Cloud. To help make this transition a hassle-free affair, we present clients with a complete range of scalable, secure Cloud solutions, VSL Cloud Compute.

VSL’s expert team first conducts an audit of the customer’s on-premise infrastructure to assess the size of virtual servers required and the feasibility of migrating certain applications. Customers can then choose a hybrid plan, wherein they keep some elements on-premise and migrate the rest, or they can commission a full migration.

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The top seven benefits of deploying Cloud Compute include:

  • Fully-managed service
  • Server, storage, firewall, and network changes included in the service
  • Simple, rapid, and risk-free deployments
  • OPEX model – only pay for availed services
  • Future-proof, scalable platform
  • Built-in infrastructure resilience, so customers do not need to build their own
  • Free IT team, to concentrate on core business tasks

For an audit of your existing infrastructure and discussion on a best-fit migration plan, call us at 0800 093 3000.

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