So many businesses have different requirements from their internet that it can be difficult to find the right package to suit their needs.

Businesses need to take into account three factors;

  • Number of users and their use of the internet
  • How business-critical is the connection
  • How much money can be allocated to the monthly cost


The speed of our business internet ranges from ADSL with download speeds of up to 20Mb/s* to Ethernet fibre up to 1Gb/s* with many options in between. In general, the more users you have, the higher bandwidth you are going to need. For businesses that use the internet for uploading and downloading videos and large content will also need higher bandwidth.

Our different options roughly relate to the following specifications, however we would always do our best to get you the most bandwidth that would suit your needs and budget.


Imagine this…. You get to work and your internet is down, no emails are coming in or going out, you can’t access your company server or database and you can’t even Google anything!

Fast, reliable internet is critical for most businesses to communicate and function well, so it’s important that you have a service level agreement that meets your business needs.

We offer a range of internet options, all with varying SLA’s, however these can be ameneded to your exact requirements.


You’ll be pleased to know that business grade Internet Connectivity is more affordable than ever. With access to the UK top 5 leading networks, you can be reassured that VSL deliver business grade, market leading internet solutions.

Whether you are midway through or nearing the end of your contract its worth giving your account manager a call to discuss your connectivity options. You may be surprised at just how much you could save.

*Prices are for illustrative purpose only and may vary based on varying bandwidths and geographical location. Subject to availability.

Speed/usage SLA Cost
ADSL Home offices/low usage No SLA From £20
Fibre Broadband Small offices/reg usage No SLA From£32
Ethernet over FTTC Small-med offices/reg usage 8 Hour SLA From £145
Ethernet Copper Medium offices/reg usage 7 Hour SLA From £195
Ethernet Fibre Large offices/high usage 5 Hour SLA From £250

To read even more about our internet offerings please visit our Business Internet page here

Alternatively, contact your account manger to find out more.