Taking Education Technology to the Next Level

The traditional chalk-and-talk method is rapidly becoming obsolete, as schools and training centres look for novel, interactive ways to engage with the new generation of highly tech-savvy students.

Technology implementors such as Protech Solutions have been installing a range of IT and audio-visual tools like LED touch screens and interactive whiteboards in schools and corporate offices to enhance the education experience of students and trainees all over the country. These leading-edge solutions need advanced connectivity solutions that can increase the reliability, security, and portability of many communication tools used in schools.

With so many options to choose from, it can be daunting to even entertain the idea of improving the facilities in your school classrooms.

The award-winning screen that VSL recommends is Ben-Q – With its 10-point touch, the BenQ RM range comes with an anti-bacterial coating made especially for little fingers in education. Boasting a built-in soundbar, a built-in wall mount on screens up to 65”, a free palletised delivery and additional cash back offer, the BEN-Q is leading the way with affordability.

It has a built-in android system that will work alongside the SMART Learning Suite your teachers have come to learn and love. As well as its own Oktopus software and Insta-Q Share it has more than enough functionality to keep both the teacher and the class happy and interacting.

VSL’s superior telephony, connectivity and security solutions can empower schools to prepare their students for the future. You can read our latest School solution case study here.

To know more about how VSL can improve your school’s telephony network connectivity or security, please call us on 0800 093 3000.

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