Small Businesses ‘Go Big’ with Cloud Computing

At the core of a successful digital transformation is a sound Cloud strategy. As the immense application scope of Cloud computing becomes apparent, a range of businesses are opting for Cloud-based services to enhance performance and reliability.

Irrespective of the vertical you operate, VSL helps to future-proof your business with VSL’s comprehensive range of elastic, secure Cloud solution, Cloud Compute.

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Cloud Compute can be implemented at any stage of the Cloud migration, by a wide variety of end users including:

  • Cloud leapers

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that do not currently use an in-house IT solution and wish to migrate straight to the Cloud, leapfrogging intermediate IT solutions.

  • Cloud converters

SMBs that have in-house solutions but are either moving or planning to move to hosted services.

  • Cloud expanders

SMBs that already use some form of Cloud service but desire new and expanded Cloud offerings.

  • Existing VSL customers

Customers that are considering expansion, mergers, or system upgrades. They may be seeking data security and/or backup solutions, contemplating infrastructure changes, or looking to reduce, consolidate, or replace support parts.

  • Organisations seeking ease and efficiency

Businesses looking for simpler alternatives to traditional public Cloud services, as they can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to set up and implement.

  • Organisations looking to cut IT costs

Cloud Compute does away with the need for server-based operation and support; it can drastically reduce end-users’ IT spend and enhance time utilisation.

  • SMBs that need to test applications

SMBs often do not have the dedicated compute and storage systems required to test new applications. VSL’s Cloud Compute is ideal for such companies as it offers them the flexibility to scale up services.

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