When we make a customer happy, it makes us happy. It means we have listened to their needs and provided a solution to fit perfectly, as well as installed the system and supported them consistently along the way. We create excellent relationships with our customers and their feedback is a testament to that.

Have a read about what Adrian Flux, an insurance company, has to say about their contact centre solution we installed:

“It was important for us to work with a supplier that we felt we could trust and one that shared a similar business ethic to ourselves. We needed a consultant rather than a sales person, and when we found VSL, that’s what we got. VSL’s call centre solution has certainly had a very positive impact. We achieved real business improvements overnight. Post implementation customer satisfaction surveys show that over 95% of customers rate our service as good or excellent. Staff are able to do their jobs better and enjoy their work more. As managers we have far greater knowledge of our customer service levels. We can take action based on real time data to apply our staff in the best way. Call handling time has improved, waiting time reduced and wrap up time improved – all of which are helping Adrian Flux continue to deliver great service to our customers.”
Adrian Flux

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