KCSIE Guidance

Safeguarding is not a new issue for schools but the demands of keeping children and young people safe have grown significantly over the last 10 years. It used to be that abuse was traditionally focused on children in vulnerable groups but the growth in the use of the internet and widespread access to social media means that all children are now vulnerable to inappropriate and illegal online content.

This has led to the Department of Education (DfE) to update the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidance. This means that every school will need to consider and review its safeguarding policies and procedures, focusing particularly on how they protect students online.

SonicWall Web Filtering

The SonicWall and FastVue solution is designed to exceed the baseline requirements of KCSIE. By providing integrated web filtering, application control, SSL inspection and antimalware along with extensive reporting and monitoring, providing the ability to offer exceptional security and performance to any educational setting.

SonicWall has developed fully integrated security appliances delivering everything you need to protect your network for over 20 years. All SonicWall security appliances feature deep packet inspection firewalls, which act as the first line of defense against security breaches. Integrated SSL/IPSec virtual private networking (VPN) delivers a secure and affordable means of connecting remote locations or staff working from home.

All SonicWall Next Generation Firewalls provide the same level of security and offer the same suite of security services. This ensures there is a solution to fit both technical requirements and budget constraints. From the smallest pre-school to the largest academy or college there is a solution that fits.


Each and every school and college in England will need to comply with the new KCSIE statutory guidance and as a result fresh expectation is placed upon those responsible for safeguarding, who, with no additional financial support from Government, will now need to demonstrate much more rigour around online safety policy in order to keep children safe and to pass future inspections.

Decisions also need to made around what level of web filtering and monitoring is “appropriate” for each educational setting. This will depend upon a number of factors including the assessment of risk, budget and ICT expertise.

The SonicWall/Fastvue solution places flexibility and control back into the hands of those responsible for online safeguarding. It is granular enough to enforce and inform without hindering learning and delivers reports and alerts to designated safeguarding leads (DSL’s) to facilitate decision-making, according to policy or passed to inspectors who will want to understand how illegal and harmful content is blocked to internet users.

This results in a key cornerstone of the online safeguarding policy being delivered that provides compliance with KCSIE (depending upon needs/ risk) and most importantly a safe online learning environment for children and young people.

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