With the cut-off date of 25th May 2018 for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance drawing close, we at VSL have been making significant changes to our privacy and data protection policies.

We are inviting our customers to tell us what exactly you would like to hear from VSL and how. We have built a page where you can opt-in to receive sales, marketing, or billing-related communication as well as control the way we store your personal data.

Please click here to indicate your preferences

By signing the above consent form, you are ensuring that you do not miss out on relevant information or VSL client offers and promotions. You can change your permission settings at any time and even unsubscribe altogether.

At a time when data protection policies and enforcement are at an inflexion point, it is important to partner with a trustworthy data management vendor that can serve the specific needs of your business.

As a provider of holistic enterprise communication solutions, VSL could be a very effective partner for your compliance program. To know more, contact us at 0800 093 3000 or mail us at sales@vslgroup.co.uk