Has Your Business Made the Shift from Data Dumping to Cloud Storage?

The task of moving data, applications, and entire workloads to the cloud carries with it the inherent risks of compromised security and process complexity. While much more efficient than local storage, cloud backups are not entirely fail-proof. For instance, some data backup services may synchronise the data only once a day, while some others may not offer comprehensive data protection.

We eliminate all these pain points with our enterprise-grade Cloud Compute solutions, which operate on the trusted Backup-as-a-Service model. The service functionality is delivered through two elements:

  • a user agent that is installed on the client’s server
  • a portal from which users can custom configures the service.

The user portal remains exclusively within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) UK environment and is subject to the local regulations.

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The initial cloud backup configuration process is typically time-intensive, as the solution performs a full backup of the selected folders. The subsequent backups are done incrementally and are much faster as only the changed data is uploaded. To ensure optimum effectiveness, the award-winning VSL application conducts automated differential backup and restore functions, including block-level deduplication, compression, and encryption. Once successfully provisioned, it allows the user to self-manage the files, folders, and volumes.

For more information on the service functionality of VSL Cloud Backup service, please call us at 0800 093 3000.

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