How Can Business Connectivity Solutions Accelerate Period Closes in Cloud-based Accounting?

As accountancy firms increasingly move their processes to the Cloud, users have come to expect immediate grievance redressal, rich customer experience, and lower service costs. Accountants are responding to these demands quickly, but their small business ADSL or fibre Internet connections are proving highly inadequate to support their expanding demands. The connectivity challenge has brought to the fore the need for always-on, high-speed, robust business Internet solutions.

Across the spectrum, accountancy firms are acknowledging the efficiencies that VSL‘s range of business Internet connections can bring to their operations. VSL assesses the business needs of every customer and presents them with a solution that specifically addresses their pain points. Being highly scalable, the solutions ensure that the customer’s connectivity ecosystem expands in line with the organisational growth. Additionally, its long-term relations with leading Internet service providers in the UK allow it to offer customers a choice of suppliers at highly competitive rates.

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One of the most immediate benefits of a best-fit Internet connection is expediting the financial period close. Periodical financial reporting and record-to-report processes are highly stressful and places a huge strain on the firm’s networks. Legacy network infrastructure can considerably slow down the period closes and cause bottlenecks, as accountants will be sharing their bandwidth with other local users.

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VSL makes a careful case-by-case study of accountancy practices’ bandwidth usage and recommends an Internet service solution that can ensure latency, availability, and scale to support faster period close processes. This not only eliminates the hurdles to the timely uploads and downloads of documents but also gives accountants access to the latest data and helps them make rapid, informed decisions.

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