Case Study – House of CB Upgrade for Accelerated Business Growth

House Of CBConsumers want an ever more connected shopping environment, one which combines the physical and the digital into a seamless experience. This ‘bricks and clicks’ model, pioneered in the early stages of online retail, has benefits for companies and customers.

The retail industry is undergoing a rapid and drastic transformation. Retailers with a physical presence need to find a way to stay ahead. The decisions that retailers make now when investing in technology could impact performance in 5, 10, 20 years’ time.

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Recognising House of CB’s need to efficiently connect in-store staff, customers, as well as securely process financial transactions, VSL recommended Ruckus Wi-Fi and SonicWall Firewall.

The future store is being designed and developed right now. Decisions around the technology for business-critical functions need to be chosen today and future proofed for the unknowns that retailers can’t even anticipate yet.

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