Businesses Leverage AI-powered Tools to Drive Next-Generation Customer Service

The Cloud is altering the way customer service is designed. Customers are used to anytime-anywhere access to information and services, and displeased clients do not hold back from sharing their negative experiences on social media. The latest research from The Institute of Customer Service reveals that organisations with above-sector average customer satisfaction scores have been more profitable and productive than those with below average scores. Consequently, forward-looking companies are turning to advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power their customer interactions.

AI capabilities such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) are enhancing customer communications as never before. AI-assisted tools like bots are helping deliver a range of highly demanded services including real-time grievance redressal, personalised contact centre service, and targeted messages. According to a report published by Gartner, nearly 55 per cent of companies have already invested, or have plans to invest in AI-enabled customer service solutions by 2020. It also forecasts that more than 40 per cent of all data analytics projects will relate to customer experience (CX).

Businesses are already offering automated, strategic customer services, and there is a lot of buzz around the potential of AI bots to completely take over the tasks performed by human agents. They will not only aid the provision of self-service, but through repetition and deep learning, will be able to anticipate specific customer needs, place communication in context, and learn preferences. These capabilities, along with predictive analytics, will help companies present intuitive, smart, and economical services.

Omni-channel support made easy

The multiple channels of communication employed by customers require an intelligent, easy-to-deploy, unified customer service solution. AI addresses this requirement and even facilitates lane changing; for instance, it can direct customers to a channel with relatively less traffic (live chat, social media) to relieve the stress on the overloaded channel (telephone calls).

24/7 availability

The problem of customer services being interrupted or delayed due to holidays and staff crunch are soon likely to be a thing of the past. AI robots will be available round the clock, all days of the year, to ensure the brand does not suffer a dip in reputation.

AI-assisted human agents

NLP-based virtual assistants (VAs) such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are already a huge hit all over the world, as they offer real-time assistance and do not even require specific phrasing to understand the command. There are also hybrid solutions like Agent Assist, which support human agents with accurate information and insights to enable them to provide superior CX.

Visionary companies in every industry are employing AI to avoid becoming redundant in a marketplace where CX is rapidly emerging a differentiator. Migrating CX-related applications to the Cloud is the first step towards achieving the goal of establishing AI-driven customer service.

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